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Title: Conflict resolution strategies on community-driven projects in private and public housing estates in Lagos state, Nigeria
Authors: Wahab, B.
Adetunji, O.
Keywords: Community-driven facilities,
community elders,
conflict resolution strategies,
housing estates,
residents association
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: African journal for the psychological study of social issues
Abstract: This study examined the cause of conflict and resolution strategies employed in the management of community-driven projects (CDPs) in selected public and private estates in Lagos State. Primary and secondary data were used. Primary data were collected through a structured questionnaire, in-depth interviews with key informants and personal observation. A structured questionnaire was randomly administered to 25% of landlords/heads of households in both the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) Ijaye-Ogba Estate in Agege Local Government Area (LGA) and Rufus Lanre-Laniyan Estate in Kosofe LGA. Four in-depth interviews (IDIs) were also conducted with the executives of the Residents’ Associations and Youths Association in each estate. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data collected. The study revealed that in both public and private estates, the provision and maintenance of community-based facilities generated conflicts in the forms of quarrel, fight, clashes, and murmuring. Communication, mediation, negotiation and reconciliation were the major strategies used by community elders and leaders of associations to resolve conflicts internally among residents in the housing estates. The study concluded that conflicts were likely to always arise in the provision, use and management of CDPs, but the ability to resolve such conflicts would always bring about peaceful co-existence in housing areas. The study recommended timely publicity, transparency, accountability and regular presentation of stewardship reports between the management committee of CDPs and residents/users in reducing and resolving conflicts over community-based projects.
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