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Title: Nigerian silent majorities
Authors: Ojebode, A.
Akinleye, L.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: "In the clamour for a new world information and communication order (NWICO), extensive scholarly attention has been given to international disparities and their effects. But national and domestic issues have only been mentioned, when at all, in passing. This article attempts to investigate the possibility of there being a domestic dimension to the world imbalance. The daily news bulletins of four Nigerian broadcast stations were monitored for three months and analysed. The result shows that a very minute proportion of news (7.1%) deals with rural areas and rural issues. Even this little fraction is one-way information to and not from rural people. About one-third of the rural news is decontextualised. All these point to the need to tackle the quest for a new order on the home front as well. "
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