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Title: The failure of radio to communicate knowledge of sickle cell disorder in N igeria
Authors: Umana, E.
Ojebode, A.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Mwanza, Tanzania
Abstract: "The study aimed to find out how much residents in Akwa Ibom knew about the sickle cell disorder. In a survey of 300 people, we discovered that only few people (32.9%) had adequate or fairly adequate knowledge of sickle cell disorder (SCD); only about 45% were definite that they would not marry a carrier if they too were carriers. Radio, the most important source of health information for about 73% of our respondents and though praised for health education and information in Nigeria, says nothing about SCD. Workers in the radio station were themselves not aware of the prevalence of, or they felt incompetent to educate their listeners about, SCD. It is our belief that these people know little or nothing about SCD because radio says nothing about it. There is need for non-media forces to call media attention to and in fact use media to educate people about SCD in Nigeria. Nigeria government also must show commitment to SCD education. "
ISSN: 1821-6544
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