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Title: Institutional change and Nigeria’s 2015 elections
Authors: Aiyede, E. R.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Journal of constitutional development
Abstract: This essay explores the nature of the changes in the electoral rules in Nigeria and the factors that have catalysed such changes. It explores how the choice and adjustment of these rules have affected the character of elections in Nigeria, It provides insights on how to deal with emerging challenges from the recent elections, especially the 2015 elections in Nigeria. This essay argues that changes' in the electoral institutions have been geared more to reflect descriptive representation and functionally representative and less geographically representative, they have also been geared towards promoting the integrity of elections as part of the effort to achieve democratic stability, The process of electoral reform and institutional change have been slowed by these competing factors of democratic values and self interest as politicians seek to win elections in Nigerias intense contests. The paper concludes that the success of the 2011 and the 2015 elections show the relative positive effect of the changes that have been made in the electoral institutions since 1999 and beyond. It points to additional institutional issues that need to be addressed to strengthen the gains so far made, and to ward off future challenges that may lead to crisis.
ISSN: 1595-5753
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