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Title: Live and let's live: psychosocial issues in parent-adolescent conflict
Authors: Olapegba, P. O.
Emelogu, Y. E.
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: International journal of psychology in Africa
Abstract: "This study investigated adolescent impulsivity, parenting styles and marital satisfaction as determinants of parent-adolescent conflict in the home. 120 adolescents and 120 parents drawn from Lagos and lbadan were used in the study. 5 scales were used in data collection: Onuoha (2001) authoritative/authoritarian parenting styles scale, Emelogu (2002) parent-adolescent conflict scale (adolescent version), Olapegbo-Emelogu (2002) adolescent impulsivity scale, Mehrbian (1998) marital satisfaction scale and parent version of the parent-adolescent conflict scale by Emelogu (2002). 2-way ANOVA and Pearson r were used in analyzing the data. There was significant interaction of adolescent impulsivity, authoritative parenting and marital satisfaction on parent-adolescent conflict. The results as well revealed that authoritarian parenting is significantly related to parent-adolescent conflict. It is therefore suggested that a good conflict management mechanism be put in place to reduce conflict to a manageable level. "
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