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Title: Production of Bamboo-Lam from bamboo strip prepared from Bambasa Vulgaris Schrad
Authors: Adewole, N. A.
Olayiwola, H. O.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Material Science and Technology Society of Nigeria
Abstract: "This study addressed the problem of producing bamboo-lam from flat strips prepared from Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. Such bamboo-lam is suitable for making bamboo-based products for interior use. Bambusa vulgaris samples were sourced from 4 years old stock, at the same time of harvest, from within the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The harvested matured culms were reduced to 780mm long each with a minimum diameter and wall thickness of 30mm and 5mm respectively. The short culms were split, rough planed to remove nodal protrusion and green epidermal layer before soaked in hydrogen peroxide treated hot water for 24 hours to improve strips resilence to insect and fungal attack. The dried strips were dressed, glued, cured and finished to produce bamboo-lam. For the flat bamboo strips produced, the percentage recovery index (RI) after splitting was 75% and reduced to between 50-57% after surface planed. Untreated strip was prone to attack while soaking in hot hydrogen peroxide treated water for 24 hours-improved their resilience to degradation and insect attack. The dimensions, percentage RI and durability of strips produced from Bambusa vulgaris thus depend on its culm features, handling skill, equipment and treatment. Bamboo laminates of width 25 x (5-8)mm were produced from the flat bamboo strips produced. This study has been able to produce durable bamboo strips and laminates from Bambusa vulgaris Schrad using common carpentry tools and machines. The bamboo-lam produced is suitable for manufacturing bamboo-based products for interior use. "
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