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Title: Effect of processing on sensory characteristics and chemical composition of cottonseed (gossypium hirsutum) and its extract
Authors: Ezekiel, O. O.
Oriku, A. A.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Abstract: The seeds of cotton (gossypium hirsutum) fall among the lesser known oil seeds. Cottonseeds are not normally consumed in their atural state due to their gossypol content, an antinutrient. The effect of processing on the sensory charactertics and chemical composition of cottonseed and its extract was studied by subjecting the cottonseed extract to heat treatment (boiling) and the cottonseed to fermantation. The cottonseed extract was boiled using the open pot and the pressure pot for 30 minutes respectively. The fermentation of the cottonseed was carried out for 6 days with samples withdrawn at intervals of 2 days. The extract and fermented samples were subjected to chemical analysis and sensory evaluated for colour, aroma, taste, mouth feel, appearance and overall acceptability. The open pot sample was more preferred. Fermentation for 6 days resulted into a significant reduction in gossypol level of the cottonseed; however, sample fermented for 2 days was most preferred.
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