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Title: Predicting teachers' assessment effectiveness in mathematics-related subjects using bandura five-factor self-efficacy and demographic factors
Authors: Adeleke, J. O.
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Abstract: Assessment is highly fundamental to teaching-learning process, because it reveals the learning difficulty of learners among others. Past research works reported variations in assessment effecti veness of the teachers which could be as a result of influence of some teacher-based factors. This study therefore investigated the predictive strengths of Bandura five-factor self efficacy and demographic factors on teachers' Assessment Effectiveness in mathematics-related subject. The study adopted a correlational design. The sample of the study consisted of 225 Junior Secondary mathematics-related subject teachers, selected using Stratified random sampling technique from the 3 Senatorial districts in Ogun State. Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale developed by Bandura (r= 0.89) and Teacher Assessment Effectiveness (r=.60) were used to collect data for the study. Descriptive statistics (frequencies and percentages), and linear multiple regression analyses were adopted for the analysis of the collected data. The results show that only test, homework/assignment, class work and observation of class participation were assessment tools commonly used by the teachers. The results also showed that, the predictor variables:Bandura five-scale teacher self efficacy and demographic factors explained the 9.9 per cent of the varjance in assessment effectiveness. Howeverfactors explained the 9.9 per cent of the varjance in assessment effectiveness. However among thdnine predictors, only Instructional Self Efficacy (B=0.035; t=2.136; p<0.05) and efficacy to enlist community involvement (B=0.046; t=2.369; p<0.05) were found to be significant predictors to teachers' Assessment Effectiveness. Based on the findings, it was therefore recommended that the training that would boost instructional self efficacy should be organized by the rapport between town gown, by establishing community- based school management committe to facilitate relationship between a school and the community where it is located .
ISSN: 1119-7056
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