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Title: Estimation of thermal contact resistance in metal-plastic interface of semiconducting electronic devices
Authors: Oke, S. A.
Oyekunle, A. A.
Salau, T. A. O.
Adegbemile, A. A.
Lawal, K. O.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: For decade, thermal contact resistance (TCR) has been measured experimentally. Unfortunately, the database, which should regularly support decision-making on TCR coefficients, seems not to exist. Thus, companies result to using outdated or irrelevant data that limits lifespan of electronics devices, their performance and reliability. This paper mathematically models the problem of TCR between two media (plastic-metal interface) in semi conductors with reference to resistance and the flow of heat across or interface of two surfaces that are in contact, particularly in engineering applications. In this paper, a semiconductor/ heat sink assembly is used to model the behaviour of thermal contact resistance. A cylindrical shaped semi-conductor was conceptualised, with the governing differential equations derived and the boundary conditions for the problem stated. The effect of parameters such as surface roughness, contact pressure, density of interstitial gas, heat capacity, thermal and mechanical properties on the temperature at the center of the semiconductor was studied. From the analysis, it can be inferred that by effectively lowering thermal contact resistance, efficient heat transfer results, which helps to prolong the life and reliability of the semi-conductor. The current work is motivated to fill an important gap that may be beneficial to practitioners in the semi-conductor industry.
ISSN: 2232-1535
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