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Title: Adequacy of academic journals in Nigeian university libraries during economic gloom:the Kenneth Dike library experience
Authors: Ola, C. O.
Adeyemi, B. M.
Issue Date: Dec-2000
Abstract: This paper discussed the adequacy of academic journals in Nigerian University libraries during economic gloom using the Kenneth Dike library (KDL) experience. It addresses the problem by looking specifically at the library allocations for books and journals from 1981/82 to 1989/90 session as well as the number of journal titles acquired annually vis-a-vis the number of registered readers in the library duirng the period. It was discovered that the library could no longer effectively support academic activities. As the number of registered readers increased, the number of journals acquired decreased. The library could hardly afford to maintain subsciption in existing journals not to mention adding new titles to the collection. It is therefore advocated that prioprity journals should be given first attention when allocating funds. University library administratos should evovle co- operative acquisitons. Avenues of getting aid from international organisations should be explored while the opportunities presented by internet should be utilized to enhance document delivery.
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