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Title: Teachers' instruction and evaluation needs in imparting basic social studies knowledge at the primary school level: implications for teacher training
Authors: Okwilagwe, E. A.
Falaye, F. V
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: The Institute of Education, University of Ibadan On behalf of participatinng West Africa Universities and Ministeries of Education
Abstract: The study sought to establish the instructional and evaluation needs of Social Studies practising teachers in Oyo State, Nigeria. It also investigated whether there were age, sex, teaching experience and professional training differences in the teachers' needs. Two hundred and seventy three teachers (155 males and 118 females) made up the sample. The teachers were randomly selected from the 33 Local Government Areas of Oyo state. A modified versionof Moore's instrument: teachers' instructional and evaluation needs questionnaire was used to gather data. Data was analysed using percentage, graphs and chi-square. The study findings revealed that many of the teachers perceived a need for a number of the instructional and evaluation statements. Distinct differences exist in instructional and evaluation needs of the teachers based on age, sex and professional training. The implications for social studies teacher training and retraining were discussed.
ISSN: 0043-2997
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