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Title: Inhabitants' perception of factors for improvement and sustainability of environmental sanitation in Ibadan city.
Authors: Adigun, O. A.
Okwilagwe, E. A.
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: Sustainability of environmental sanitation in Ibadan metropolis. The study sample consisted of 933 inhabitants from 5 LGAs selected through multi-stage sampling procedure. Twenty-five households were selected from the last and smallest sampling units (the ward) in each LGA. The inhabitants improvement and sustainability perception qustionnaire was used to collect data which were analysed using descriptive statistics. The demographic profile of the inhabitants measured in terms of relevant indicators like education, occupation, income, type of houses and population density of the location they lived, indicated a mix of those in the high, middle, and low socio-economic status. Inhabitant perceived the listed factors as important to improvement and sustainability of environmental sanitation in the city: provision of waste cabins in strategic locations in the city, curriculum review to include environmental health education, environmental laws enforcement, regular meetings on environmental issuesand campaigns among others. The state government and the state environmental agencies in charge should pay particular attention to the identified enhancing factors in order to achieve an appreciable impact at sustainability.
ISSN: 1821-8202
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