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Title: Assessment of geography teachers utilisation of evaluation instrument in grading students.
Authors: Okwilagwe, E. A.
Keywords: Essay questions,
Teacher factors
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Institute of Education,University of Ibadan on behalf of participating West Africa Universities and Ministers of Education
Abstract: The study assessed geography teachers' utilization of evaluation instruments in grading students. Using multistage sampling procedure, eight-six teachers who teach senior secondary classes two and three were randomly selected from sixty-five schools in 13 states of Nigeria and Federal Capital Territory. Data were analysed using descriptive (frequency counts and percentages) and t-test statistics. Result indicate that geography teachers adopt the essay type of questions and a combination of essay and objective tests in order to grade students. Other evaluation instruments used and listed in order of utilization are practical work, submitted homework, students' notes, multiple choice and oral tests. Evaluation instruments that encourage higher thinking such as projects and practical test are never or less often used respectively. In terms of group differences in the utilisation of these instrument, findings indicate that utilisation of essay type of test is sensitive to teacher experience and professional status. This implies that teachers with less experience(1-5years) and those with professional training use essay type of test more frequently. Also, male teachers utilise more practical work whereas female teachers utilise student notes in grading students. It was recommended that teachers should be exposed to training and re-training programmes in modern trends of evaluation.
ISSN: 0043-2997
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