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Title: Prospects for software development for indigenous designs
Authors: Simolowo, O. E.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: NEC Publication
Abstract: The importance of software development in the world today cannot be over-emphasized, moreso as applied in the field of engineering. Software development for indigenous engineering design needs to be given peculiar considerations as it entails developing software from the basics (high level language) for it to handle target indigenous design specifications. This paper therefore in its focus starts from the central point of all computed aided engineering activities called the “ database”. The database discussed entails (i)Documentation(ii)synthesis and analysis. Tools for software development such as computer languages and hardware configurations available within the country for indigenous software development have also been considered. Common computer language modes and their functions as well as practical techniques of packaging developed software have also been outlined. The design chart of the software for generation of Cam profiles developed in a research work (CAD of CAM profiles) based on the application of procedures discussed in this paper is shown as reference figure. Majority, research work in this area will alleviate the problem of much dependence on imported software whose applications are limited as regards local design and also not fully utilized due to the understanding of the software flexibility and capabilities by unskilled users.
Description: in proceedings
ISSN: 1118-8383
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