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Title: The development of CAD software for manufacturing flat-face and roller cam systems
Authors: Simolowo, E. O.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Computers have made the greatest impact in the advancement and development of almost all aspect of human endeavour, particularly in the engineering field. In this research, effort is geared towards improving the universal design and final manufacturing of commercial cams in many automotive and other related companies around the world. A software package for the design and profile simulation of plate cams with a possible choice of two followers(roller and flat-face) using eight standard cam motion for over one hundred and eighty-nine different followers profiles has been developed. The developed software provided the tools to analyze critical aspects of cams design before physical prototyping or production of such cams and followers, thereby increasing their reliability and performance. The developed software provides the tools to analyze critical aspect of cam design process but also speeds it up dramatically thereby making the process of comparative design analysis and optimization easier and faster.
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