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Title: Practical aspects of ophthalmic ultrasound in Ibadan
Authors: Marinho, A. O.
Baiyeroju-Agbeja, A. M.
Fatukusi, J. I.
Kalejaye, O.
Sogo, K.
Keywords: Ultrasonography;
Eye diseases;
Diagnostic value
Issue Date: Aug-1995
Abstract: Objective: To highlight the clinical usefulness and the practical aspects of ophthalmic ultrasonography, Materials and Methods: We have described the practical aspects of ophthalmic ultrasonography and reviewed the results of over 200 ophthalmic ultrasounds in our hands. Result: Using ultrasonography, the normal eye is globular and measure 18-24mm in anterior posterior view. The vitreous chamber is c1ear of reflection. Various intraocular lesions like cataracts, debris, vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, panophthalmitis and foreign bodies as well as retro-ocular masses were diagnosable using ophthalmic ultrasonography, Conclusion: Ophthalmic ultrasonography is recommended as all adjunct to the diagnosis of eye diseases as it is painless. in-expensive and gives accurate results.
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