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Title: Perceived susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss and attitude towards preventive care among metal workers at Gate, Ibadan: a pilot study
Authors: Osowole, O. S.
Nwaorgu, O. G. B.
Osisanya, P. A.
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: Audiometric assessment was carried out on 26 metal workers at the spare parts market, Gate, Ibadan to corroborate their perceived susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss. Of the 26 studied, 13 (50.0%) indicated non-susceptibility. 11 (42.3%) indicated susceptibility while 2 (7.7%) did not know. Otology symptoms mentioned by those who indicate susceptibility were tinnitus (63.6%), hearing loss (36.4%), otalgia (18.2%), headache (9.1 %), and post-aural pain (9.1 %). Audiometric results showed 10 (76.9%) of non-susceptible subjects, 5 (45.5%) of susceptible subjects and 1 (50.0%) of undecided group had normal hearing bilaterally. Unilateral high frequency hearing loss was observed in 4 (36.4%) of the susceptible subjects. Implications of the findings for taking preventive action are discussed.
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