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Title: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of doctors and nurses in government family-planning services centres towards natural family planning
Authors: Asuzu, C. C.
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: This study was carried out in seven family planning clinics in Ibadan metropolis to explore the knowledge, attitude and practices of doctors and nurses towards natural family planning. (N. F. P.) A 23 item questionnaire was presented for content validity and reliability. The questionnaire was then administered to the total population of service givers (61) in the centres, out of which (50) subjects responded. Major findings were that doctors and nurses not adequately knowledgeable about planning. None of the respondents have ever given any N.F.P. services but 38 of them would like to give such services if given the opportunity. Twelve of the respondents have complete negative attitudes towards Natural family planning. In view of these findings, it is proposed that the various schools should improve their curricula in N.F.P. so that their graduands will be adequately equipped with the knowledge of N.F.P. nurses and doctors already giving services in family planning clinics should do an in-service education in N.F.P. in order to make their knowledge of family planning complete.
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