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Title: Evaluation and research communication
Authors: Onuka, A. O. U.
Durowoju, E. O
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This study was undertaken to find out how effectively evaluation and research findings are disseminated to the various public expected to consume them. Survey design was used in the investigation and random sampling techniques was used to select 350 subjects from five sectors of the economy as well as twenty researchers from Univeristy of Ibadan and NISER, while a research and evaluation communication scale was used for data collection. The data were analyzed using descriptive and correlation statistics. The results shows that there was no significant relationship between the number of evaluation and researches conducted and thier communication to users. It also shows that most researchers embark on research and evaluation promotion purpose while the findings of those evaluation and research are disseminated through seminars, conferences and journals. Based on these, it was recommended that communication should be part of evaluation and research activities from the onset to the disseminatioon of findings, that there should be agency for dissemination of findings which could disseminate outcome through appropraite media to relevant publics, organisations and philanthropists should fund the dissemination of research findings and that research and evaluators should endeavour to publicize the findings of their works through workshops, conferences and books and or journals publications as well as through both print and electroniv media
ISSN: 0795-3607
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