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Title: A technical and economic evaluation of the electricity generation and distribution system in Nigeria
Authors: Diji, C. J.
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: Electricity is one form of energy . It occupies a special place in our civilization, because it is easier to use than many other types. It is clean, versatile and can be transported over long distances almost instantly. These factors account for why electricity has grown faster than other forms of energy and why this growth is' expected to continue. Electricity generation and distribution in Nigeria is a business of government and government vested that sole responsibility to the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA). Almost 30yrs of its existence, NEPA has not been able to meet the electricity needs for residential, commercial and industrial use. This paper is an exploratory appraisal of the economic and technical factors that has been responsible for the inability of NEPA to fulfil its statutory responsibility. The paper ,asserts that if the issues of electricity demand' and supply, electricity tariffs, choice of technology for power generation and the efficiency of the electricity distribution networks are not addressed, the adequate supply of electricity in Nigeria will continue to be a mirage.
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