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Title: Evaluation of VCT in a Nigerian PMTCT service delivery unit
Authors: Adewole, I.
Adesina, A.
Onibokun, A.
Adebusuyi, A.
Kayode, A.
Osofisan, E.
Fawemida, A.
Kanki, P.
Sankale, J.
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: Introduction: Nigeria’s University College Hospital’s PMTCT centre provides voluntary counselling and testing as part of routine care which was assessed in this paper. Methods: Structured face-to-face interview was carried out at exit on participants from the counselling session. Data analysis was by frequency distribution. Results: All clients were assured of confidentiality, had their HIV/ AIDS knowledge assessed and consent taken before the test, 95.45% of participants had the possible outcomes of the test explained including coping ability and 13.64% did not have behaviour assessed for risk taking. Only 45.45% mentioned mother-to-child transmission as a major mode of transmission. Conclusion: Discussion of serostatus results in a safe setting and negotiating a risk -reduction plan are strategies that should be considered in all PMTCT services.
Description: Conference Proceedings
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