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Title: Personality as correlate of perceived job stress among electoral officers during elections
Authors: Ekore, J.O.
Aiyedun, H. O.
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Abstract: This study examined the relationship of personality (conscientiousness dimension) with electoral officers perceived job stress during election. The survey utilised the expost facto research design. A total of 346 participants responded to the questionnaires. In all, 254 (70.4%) were males and 101 (29.6%) were females. Their age ranged between 25 to 50 years with a mean age of 38. 7 (SD = 7.38). Structured questionnaires were employed for data collection and the hypothesis was tested using Pearson moment product correlation, Results showed that conscientiousness had significant positive relationship with job stress; which is an indication that personality quality play important role in electoral officers stress during elections (r = 0,71, P < 0,01). Based on the findings, recommendation was made
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