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Title: Entrepreneurial opportunities: questions and lessons for entrepreneurial adjustment
Authors: Ekore, J. O.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The paper presents a contextual view of attempts that consider entrepreneurial opportunities. Specifically, questions were generated and lessons for entrepreneurial adjustment considered. It was revealed in the paper that certain questions largely determine individual's adjustment to identifying entrepreneurial opportunities. It was proposed that psychological skills more than other variables would influence entrepreneurial opportunities identification and exploitation, especially in an African country. It was concluded that there is no permanent address for entrepreneurial opportunities. People are known to experience different level of adjustment when they engage in similar venture at the same location and same time. This has implication for those who seek entrepreneurship opportunities in terms of knowing what, where, when, and how to go about it. Therefore, they require psychological skills to minimize the negative impact of venturing into entrepreneurship
ISSN: 1999-2300
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