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dc.contributor.authorAkinyemi, A.F.-
dc.identifier.otherJournal of Tropical Forest Resources 19(1), pp. 32-37-
dc.description.abstractThe study analysed the activities of Nomadic Fulanis in four villages; Banibafu, Mazakuka, Faje and Kere located within the buffer zone of the Kainji Lake National Park. The data was obtained by the administration of questionnaires and personal interviews with farmers, nomadic Fulanis and Park guards. The study clearly identified the routes of nomadic herdsmen from Kebbi to Oyo States and the need for a pasture corridor in other to ensure harmony between all the stakeholders. The nature of the property-rights regime under which the pasture was held was also found to provide sufficient basis for drawing valid conclusions concerning users behaviour, as well as, the consequence of such uses.en_US
dc.subjectNomadic herdsmenen_US
dc.titleProspect of conflict resolution between farmers and nomadic fulanis in Kainji lake national parken_US
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