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Title: Performance characteristics of growing rabbits fed glicidia sepium leaf meal as a replacement for groundnut
Other Titles: Gliricidial leaf meal as replacement for groundnut in rabbits feed
Authors: Dada, S. A. O.
Abu, O. A.
Okeowo, T. A.
Badmus, O. R.
Keywords: Rabbits
Gliricidia leaf meal
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Bioline International
Abstract: The study involved 16 weaner crossbred (New Zealand White and Chinchila) rabbits of about eight weeks of a.fetz with initial average weight of 0.69 kg. The animals were offered a measured amount of their respective diets. The level of replacement of groundnut cake with Gliricidia leaf meal (GLM) were 0, 25 50 and 75%, to give four diets which were fed ad libitum throughout the experimental period of 35 days. The similar average daily feed intake of the rabbit fed 0, 25 and 50% GLM included diets was significantly (P < 0.05) higher than the corresponding daily weight gain of the rabbits fed 25 and 50% GLM diets and those fed 75% GLM diet recorded the least (P < 0.05) daily gain. Dry matter intake (DMI) was significantly correlated with daily weight gain (r = 0.94, P < 0.05) and feed efficiency (r = 0.90, P < 0.05).
ISSN: 1119-5096
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