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Title: Integrating nursing into national cancer control programs: prevention and early detection - the Nigeria experience
Authors: Onibokun, A. C.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Wiley-Liss
Abstract: Cancer is a major killer disease in Nigeria; breast, cervical and prostate cancers being the commonest. Data from Globocan 2000 indicate an increasing rate in cancer morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. It is estimated that by the year 2010 about 500,000 cases will be diagnosed annually. Over 70% of the cancer patients present themselves in stages III and IV when only palliative therapy can be offered. In spite of the increasing rates in cancer prevalence in Nigeria, the importance placed on cancer as a health problem is somewhat very low, relative to other non- communicable diseases. The National Government does not allocate up to 6% of its National Annual budget to health. Currently, the government has not given the issue of cancer prevention and treatment the priority it deserves, as compared with HIV/AIDS, which has suddenly gained attention as a result of international efforts. The high rates of morbidity and mortality associated with cancer related diseases could be considerably reduced through effective cancer education, championed by community health nurses and targeted at prevention and early detection. Unfortunately, this approach has not got the attention it deserves. In a country where about 65% of the populace live in rural communities (where there is a high level of ignorance, inadequate manpower and health facilities) cancer outreach programs aimed at rural areas, can be enhanced. This can be achieved through a program that integrates nursing especially community nursing, into national cancer control. Currently, only limited attempts promoted by State Ministries of Health, NGOs and professional bodies, have attempted doing this with the focus on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. This paper shall analyze, evaluate and discuss the efforts made so far in Nigeria as a basis to coming up with options and strategies for effectively using nurses, especially community health nurses, in the prevention and early detection of cancer
ISSN: 0020-7136
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