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Title: SEM study on morphology and surface topography of wenyonia minuta woodland 1923 (cestoda: caryophyllidea) and the histopathological consequences on synodontis filamentosus (boulenger, 1901) from Lekki Lagoon, Lagos - Nigeria
Authors: Akinsanya, B.
Hassan, A. A.
Adeogun, A. O.
Keywords: SEM
Surface topography
Wenyonia minuta
Histopatholgoical analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The SEM study on m orphology and surface topography of Wenyonia minuta was undertaken. The parasite was recovered from the intestine of Synodontis filamentosus. A total of two hundred and forty fi ve specimens of the fish host were exam ined.The fem ale specim ens (n =88) has a prevalence of 69.3% while the male specimens (n = 157) had a lower prevalence of 46.4%. The SEM description of the caryophyllidea cestode revealed the scolex to be fluke - like with four shallow longitudina l groove and flat pointed anterior end. The overall length of the scolex is 104250.97pm with a breadth of 653451.20pm .The furrow longitudinal groove were only observed on the dorsal side of the scolex. External protuberances were also reported in this study. The histopathological analysis shows m atting, lym phocytic infiltration of the lamina propria, goblet cell hyperplasia while some sections with no significant pathological changes were also observed
ISSN: 2090 - 0775
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