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Title: Ultraviolet radiation of schistosoma mansoni. II. post-hatching radiation effect on some aspects of miracidia behaviour and infectivity
Authors: Hassan, A. A.
Oyerinde, J. P. O.
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: Batches of Schistosoma mansorti miracidia were irradiated with ultraviolet light for varying time intervals to determine the influence of radiation on the transmission potential of radiated miracidia. There was a decrease in the survival rate of hatched-free swimming miracidia that corresponded with the increasing radiation exposure time. The activity rate of radiated miracidia also decrease with increasing radiation exposure time, showing a 69.3% reduction in the mean rate of movement of miracidia irradiated for 30 minutes and 40.4% reduction in the miracidia exposed for 0.5 minutes. The infectivity rates of the free-swimming miracidia exposed to 5.0,15.0 and 30.0 minutes uv radiation were significantly different (P<0.001, dα=4.171,5.07,5.227) compared with the non- irradiated miracidium
ISSN: 1117 9333
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