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Title: From christian brigade to commercialized popular genre: The development of gbókùs music among the Yorùbá of southwestern Nigeria
Authors: Samuel, K. M.
Olapade, J. A.
Keywords: Gbókùs music
Yorùbá funerals
Commercialized genre
Boys Brigade Music (BBM)
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Abstract: An outcome of European, especially Christian missionary, incursion into African societies is the emergence of new social groups and new contexts for musico-cultural performances. Social change did not only trigger a modification of existing musical forms, it also facilitated the appearance of new ones; one of which is gbókùs music among the Yorùbá of Nigeria. In spite of its popularity at social ceremonies, the genre has received little scholarly attention. Adopting the theory of diffusion of innovation, this paper traces the evolution of gbókùs music in Yorùbá society from its formative stage as Boys Brigade parade music to its transitory period as a social music for funeral processions. The music was initially characterized by performances aimed at promoting Christian evangelistic activities until its development into full maturation aided by socio-economic factors from within and outside the church setting. The paper submits that gbókùs music represents a creative continuum of a mutated musical art within the normative contemporary African cultural production framework.
ISSN: 2225-7144
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