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Title: The zoonotic implications of pentastomiasis in the royal python [python regius)
Authors: Ayinmode, A. B.
Adedokun, O. A.
Aina, A.
Taiwo, V.
Keywords: Zoonosis
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Ghana Medical Journal
Abstract: Pentastomes are worm-like endoparasites of the phylum Pentastomida found principally in the respiratory tract of reptiles, birds, and mammals. They cause a zoonotic disease known as pentastomiasis in humans and other mammals. The autopsy of a Nigerian royal python (Python regius) revealed two yellowish- white parasites in the lungs, tissue necrosis and inflammatory lesions. The parasite was confirmed to be Armillifer spp (Pentastomid); this is the first recorded case of pentastomiasis in the royal python (Python regius) in Nigeria. This report may be an alert of the possibility of on-going zoonotic transmission of pentastomiasis from snake to man, especially in the sub-urban/rural areas of Nigeria and other West African countries where people consume snake meat
Description: Ghana Medical Journal 44(3) 2010. Pp. 115-118
ISSN: 0016-9560
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