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Title: Sodium arsenite induced reproductive perturbations in wistar strain albino rats: protective assessment of Cassia fistula
Authors: Ola-Davies, O.
Oloye, A.
Adeoye, A.
Keywords: Cassia fistula
Phvtochemical screening
Odium arsenite
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Arsenic is a naturally occurring ubiquitous toxic compound. This study investigated the possible sperm protective potential of leaf extract of Cassia fistula Linn (Fabaceae) against sodium arsenite induced reproductive damage reflected as reduced sperm motility, livability and concentration. Sixty-four adult male wistar rats (180 to 220g) were used. The rats were separated into 8 groups (A-H) of eight rats each treated for 60days with 0.2ml corn oil (A), 2.5 mg/kg 1 body weight sodium arsenite (SA) (B), pre-administered 100mg/kg-1 Cassia fistula and 2.5mg/kg-1 SA (C), 100mg/kg-1 Cassia fistula (D). pre-administered 200mg/kg-1 Cassia fistula and 2.5mg/kg-1 SA (E). 200mg/kg-l Cassia fistula (F). pre- administered 300mg/kg-1 Cassiafistula and 2.5mg/kg 1 SA (G), 300mg/kg-1 Cassia fistula (H). Phvtochemical screening of Cassia fistula extract revealed the presence of carbohydrates, alkaloids, anthraquinones, cardenolides, tannins, saponins, phenols and steroids. Group G rats had a significant (P<0.05) decrease mean right testicular weight compared to the rest of the groups. There was a significant (P<0.05) decrease in sperm motility of groups B, C, E, G and H compared to groups A, D and F rats. The mean sperm count obtained across the groups also followed similar trend. Arsenic exposure led to a significant increase in sperm abnormalities and testicular damage evidenced by vacuolation of secondary spermatocytes, loss of spermiogenic epithelium. In conclusion. Cassiafistula at a dose of was found to attenuate Arsenic-induced testicular damage and sperm abnormalities. Cassia, fistula may therefore represent a potential therapeutic option to protect testicular tissues against arsenic intoxication.
ISSN: 0794-4845
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