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Title: Regional urbanization trends and patterns - Sub Saharan Africa
Authors: Ajayi, D. D.
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Abstract: Secondary systems of cities in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) have become the subject of renewed interest by scholars and international development organizations. This study , for the Cities Alliance (CA), investigates the role played by secondary cities in the development in the region. It includes a literature review and discusses trends, influences, and challenges, including the forces of New Economic Geography, facing the development of secondary cities in developing regions of SSA using a system approach examining urban governance, economic, development, social and environmental systems. Six country case studies illustrate the way they have approached urbanization, decentralization, and other developments in support of secondary development. A case study is present on six cities: Humabo in Angola, Dire-Dawa in Ethiopia, Mombasa in Kenya, Ibadan in Nigeria, Touba-Mbacke in Senegal and Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The case studies were designed to gain data and knowledge about challenges facing the development of secondary cities. Learning outcomes are presented at the end of each country case study. The role of international development assistance agencies and organization in supporting the development of secondary systems of cities is in SSA is discussed. A frame work for Cities Alliance to support the development of secondary systems of cities at a regional, national, and city level is SSA using a urban-systems approach is outlined, with the need for CA to focus on supporting urban governance, economic development and urban logistical flow systems for a program of assistance to secondary cities in the region.
ISSN: ui_rep_ajayi_regional_2013
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