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Title: Serum ferritin levels in children with malaria anaemia in Ibadan
Authors: Anumudu, C. I.
Molehin., A. J.
Oladiti, S. O.
Okafor, C. M. F.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology
Abstract: This study assessed the serum ferritin levels in plasma samples from children (4 – 74 months old) admitted for malaria at the Adeoyo Maternity Hospital (Beere) Ibadan, Oyo State, using a sandwich-ELISA. These values were compared with malaria parasitemia, MSP-1 antibody titre and packed cell volume values previously obtained through standard methods. Statistical analyses were carried out using SPSS, Excel and Epi-Calc software. Results showed that the serum ferritin level in the population ranged in from 363ng/ml to 1000ng/ml, with a mean value of 630ng/ml. There was a negative correlation between serum ferritin levels and the packed cell volume, and malaria parasitemia in the children; while the serum ferritin levels increased with increasing malaria antibodies. There was no significant difference in the mean levels of ferritin in anaemic and non-anaemic children. Serum ferritin concentration decreased with increasing age in children with malaria. Gender was found to have no significant association with serum ferritin levels in children with malaria anaemia.
ISSN: 0795-8080
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