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Title: Feed pelleter
Authors: Olukunle, O. A.
Keywords: Fish
Feed pelleter
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The invention relates to a rotary pelleting machine comprising a driveable pelleter with varying effective die, in this case, the effective diameters of each die are 0.9cm (a1) and 0.8cm (a2) respectively. The disc rotates about a common rotational axis C which serves as a filler device for filling the die(s) with the materials to be compressed and pelleted. Inside the filler is the shaft (h) that works like a worm passing and pushing the material under pressure from the grinding chamber (g) into the filler, on to the rotational axis (c) and finally to the dies. The pelleter/grinder (1 and 3) is powered by a single phase electric rotor (2) attached and driven by an inter-changeable belt (4).
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