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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Audience Research Methods for Campus Radio StationsOjebode, A.; Onekutu, P.; Adegbola, T.
2010Broadcast media policy in Nigeria: across many dispensationsOpubor, A.; Akingbulu, A.; Ojebode, A.
2009Community radio advocacy in democratic Nigeria: lessons for theory and practiceOjebode, A.; Akingbulu, A.
2013Contested Terrains: Journalists' emergent and official memories of the struggle for democracy in NigeriaOjebode, A.
2010Cultural functions and dysfunctions of media in NigeriaOjebode, A.
2007Engaging development: environment and content of radio broadcasting in NigeriaOjebode, A.; Adegbola, T.
2013Ethical dilemma revisited: PBO newspapers and the professional elbowroom of the Nigerian journalistOjebode, A.
2010The failure of radio to communicate knowledge of sickle cell disorder in N igeriaUmana, E.; Ojebode, A.
2015Indigenous communication for post-conflict healing and reconciliation: lessons from post war Northern UgandaOjebode, A.; Owacgiu, J. A.
2008Low patronage of development radio programmes in rural Nigeria: How to get beyond the Rhetoric of participationOjebode, A.
2009Media diversity with and without a policy: a comparison of the BBC and Nigeria's DBSOjebode, A.
2004Media globalisation and the responses of the Nigerian broadcast mediaOjebode, A.
2012Mobile phone deception in Nigerian: deceivers' skills, truth bias or respondents' greed?Ojebode, A.
2018-03Mono-method research approach and scholar–policy disengagement in Nigerian communication researchOjebode, A.; Ojebuyi, B. R.; Oladapo, O. A.; Oyedele, O. J.
2011-06Moving beyond numerals: a meta-analysis of research methods and theoretical application in media gatekeeping studiesOjebuyi, B. R.; Ojebode, A.
2011Nigeria's freedom of information act: provision, strengths, challengesOjebode, A.
2011Nigerian former guerrilla journalists ten years into democracy: reformists and revolutionariesOjebode, A.
2006Nigerian mass media representation of women in agriculture and agribusiness: a case of status mis-conferralOjebode, A.
2009Nigerian silent majoritiesOjebode, A.; Akinleye, L.
2009The portrayal of Europe and America in Nigerian newspapers: the other edge of dependencyOjebode, A.