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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12Analysis of national examination council junior school certificate examination question in two core subject.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Nwazota, C. C.
2012Appraisal of recent trends in curriculum restructuring in Nigerian education systemOkwilagwe, E. A.
2011Assessing the quality of universal basic education junior secodary school curricula as instruments for drop-out reduction in three core subjects in Lagos State.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Sadiku, D.
2008-06Assessing the status of physical and health education in Ibadan metropolitan schoolsOkwilagwe, E. A.
2011Assessment of geography teachers utilisation of evaluation instrument in grading students.Okwilagwe, E. A.
2004Assessment of the conduct of the WAEC examinations in Oyo and Osun States, NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
2011An assessment of the national teachers' institute national certificate in education, on teachers' professional competence in a social studies class.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Adetayo, J. O.
2012-04Assuring culture fairness in social studies testing at the basic level of education in NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
2013Construction of non-cognitive instruments.Okwilagwe, E. A.
2004Developing and validating academic environmental scale for Nigerian students (AESFNS)Okwilagwe, E. A.
2013-11Developing quantitative instruments for research purposes and data collection process.Okwilagwe, E. A.
2000-04Effects of two assessment methods on learning outcomes of pupils in social studies: a case study of University of Ibadan Staff SchoolOkwilagwe, E. A.
2005Evaluating the private- public school dichotomy: the missing linkOkwilagwe, E. A.
2010Evaluation of students involvement in physical activities in Ibadan metropolisOkwilagwe, E. A.
2010-06Graduate employability: assessment of skills mismatch and wait-time of graduates in a Nigerian UniversityOkwilagwe, E. A.; Falaye, F. V
2012-09Influence of teachers factors on attitudes of geography teachers to map work in Nigerian secondary schools.Okwilagwe, E. A.
2012-04Inhabitants' perception of factors for improvement and sustainability of environmental sanitation in Ibadan city.Adigun, O. A.; Okwilagwe, E. A.
2012Instruction and evaluation needs assessment of federal teachers scheme beneficiariaries in Akwa Ibom state,NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
2010Learning outcomes: the imperative of evaluating course materials in mass communication curriculaOkwilagwe, E. A.
2002Modern trends in secondary school geography teachingOkwilagwe, E. A.