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Title: An approach for solving Iinear fractional programming problems
Authors: Odior, A. O.
Oyawale, F. A.
Keywords: Duality
Fractional Programming
Linear Inequalities
Linear Inequalities, Objective Function, Partial Fractions, Production Planning.
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: An approach for solving Iinear fractional programming problems
Abstract: Linear fractional programming problems are useful tools in production planning, financial and corporate planning, health care and hospital planning and as such have attracted considerable research interest. The paper presents a new approach for solving a fractional linear programming problem in which the objective function is a linear fractional function, while the constraint functions are in the form of linear inequalities. The approach adopted is based mainly upon solving the problem algebraically using the concept of duality and partial fractions and an example is given to clarify the developed method.
ISSN: 1116-4336
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