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Title: Determining feasible solutions of a multicriteria assignment problem
Authors: Odior, A. O.
Charles-Owaba, O. E.
Oyawale, F. A.
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: World bank assisted National Agricultural Research Project (NARP)- University of Port Harcourt
Abstract: This paper presents an important research tool in operations research as it applies to a particular structure of the mullicritcria assignment problem. The paper addresses the problem of effectiveness of feasible solutions of a multicriteria assignment problem and this was done in two steps. In the first step, we determine whether or not a given feasible solution or a multicriteria assignment problem is a real efficient one. In the second step, if the feasible solution is not real efficient, we provide a real efficient solution that dominates that not real efficient solution, using our proposed method which consists of transforming the original problem into an assignment problem.
ISSN: 1119-8362
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