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Title: Implications of Small Ruminant Farmers' Socio-Economic Characteristics for Extension Services in South Western Nigeria
Authors: Oladele, O.I.
Adenegan, K.O.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Conference of Animal Science Association of Nigeria
Abstract: "Farmers' perception of innovation are deeply rooted in the socio-economic structure of existing social systems. Adoption studies have shown that the farmer would not adopt a new practice unless it is compatible with their socio- economic characteristics. This paper highlights some implications for extension services to livestock farmers taking into cognisance the socio-economic characteristics. Two hundred and eighty farmers were selected from the seven states of South Western Nigeria using the large sample size technique (n≥30). Data were collected on the socio-economic characteristics of fanners and their production activities on small ruminant animals. The data collected was subjected to frequency counts and percentages."
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