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Title: Effects of Antibiotics, Salt and pH on the Hatchability of Fasciola Gigantica Eggs: Short Communication
Authors: Adedokun, O. A.
Adejinmi, J. O.
Sadiq, N.A.
Enibe, O.F.
Keywords: Hatchability
Fasciola gigantica Egg
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Tropical Veterinarian
Abstract: A study was carried out to examine the effects of various antibiotics, salt concentrations and pH on the hatchability of F. gigantica eggs. It was observed that tetracycline concentration of 0.5mg/ml and above inhibited the development and hatching of F. gigantica eggs. Salt concentration of 1% gave low hatchability while 2% concentration and above strictly inhibited the hatching of the eggs. Acidic pH of 3-5 inhibited hatching of F. gigantica eggs while pH of 7-8 promoted hatching of eggs to above 3.4%. The possibility of employing the results of this study to fashion out a control measure against fasciolosis in farm animals is discussed.
Description: Tropical Veterinarian 19(2), 2001. Pp. 63- 67
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