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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of leather blends produced from mango (mangifera indica 'Ogbomoso') and carrot (daucus carota)Ezekiel, O. O.; Olukuewu, M. T.
2003Moisture-solid transfer during osmotic dehydration of banana(musa sapietum) varietiesFalade, K. O.; Awoyele, O. O.; Uzo-Peters, P. I.; Aworh, O. C.
2005Adsorption isotherms and heat of sorption of fresh and preosmosed oven-dried bananasFalade, K. O.; Awoyele, O. O.
2013Solid state fermentation of cassava peel with trichoderma viride (ATCC 36316) for protein enrishment.Ezekiel, O. O.; Aworh, O. C.
2013Effect of processing on sensory characteristics and chemical composition of cottonseed (gossypium hirsutum) and its extractEzekiel, O. O.; Oriku, A. A.
2012Design, fabrication and evaluation of a plantain roaster.Ezekiel, O. O.; Akinoso, R.; Olaoye, D. J.
2010Protein enrichment of cassava peel by submerged fermentation with trichoderma viride (ATCC 36316)Ezekiel, O. O.; Ogugua, C. A.|; Blaschek, H. P.; Thaddeus, C. E.
2012Changes in some physicochemical properties of Cassia seiberiana seeds during roastingOlapade, A. A.; Akinoso, R.; Oduwaye, A. O.
2013Selected physico-chemical properties of extrudates from white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) and bambara nut (vigna subterranean) blendsOluwole, B. O; Olapade, A. A; Awonrin, S. O.; Henshaw, F. O.
2012-09Evaluation of extruded snacks from blends of acha(Digitaria exilis) and cowpea(Vigna unguiculata) floursOlapade, A. A.; Aworh, O. C.
2011Effect of extrusion cooking of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) and bambara-nut(Vigna subterranean) Blend on some selected extrudate parametersOluwole, B. O; Olapade, A. A
2011Quality attributes of biscuit from Acha (digitaria exilis) flour supplemented with cowpea(vigna unguiculata) flourOlapade, A. A.; Aworh, O. C.; Oluwole, O. B.
2012-05Physico-chemical properties and consumer acceptance of instant cowpea(Vigna unguiculata) powder for complementary foodOlapade, A. A.; Oluwole, O. B; Aworh, O. C.
2012-05Chemical and nutritional evaluation of extruded complementary foods from blends of fonio(Digitaria Exilis Stapf) and cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp) floursOlapade, A. A; Aworj, O. C.
2005Rheological properties and consumer acceptance of moin-moin premixOlapade, A. A.; Ozumba, A. U.; Solomon, H. M.; Olatunji, O.; Adelaja, S. O.
2010Evaluation of some physical-chemical properties of wheat, cassava, maize and cowpea flours for bread makingOladunmoye, O. O; Akinoso, R.; Olapade, A. A.
2008Effects of Aframomum danielli (powder and extracts) on the nutritional, physcio-chemical and sensory properties of wheat flour breadAdegoke, G. O.; Awoyele, O. O.; Lawal, R. B.; Olapade, A. O.; Ashaye, O. A.
2007Comparison of different methods of producing bambara (Vaondzeia subterranean L. Thou) flours for preparation of moin-moinOlapade, A. A.; Adetuyi, D. O.
2004Physico-chemical properties of premixes for preparation of "akara"Olapade, A. A.; Olatunji, O.; Adefaja, S. O
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30